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Welcome to 2B! Your teacher’s name is Mrs Fintelman and we are excited to have you become part of our class. Here is a little bit of information to help you settle into the school and our grade in room 17.

If you have any other questions please comment below or come in and see me!


Daily Timetable:

Our door is open from 8:50 for students to come in and get ready for the day. Parents, you are welcome to come in with your child and have a look around.

At 9:00 we close the door and start the day off with a 2 hour session.

We have lunch (sandwiches/alternative and fruit/veg) at 11:00 then have a break outside.

We then come back inside for another 2 hour session.

At 1:40 we go outside for another break and snacks.

After that we have a final 1 hour session.

At 3:10 we leave school from the classroom door.


Specialist timetable:

Art – Wednesday

Performing arts, Spanish, PE (wear sport shoes) – Thursday


Home readers:

We change home readers on Wednesday and Friday mornings before school. They must be brought every Wednesday and Friday even if they are not finished. Reading at home is compulsory. The yellow home reader books are to be filled in by students and are to be used to keep students accountable and motivated to read every night. They will be checked by me every 1 or 2 weeks.



Homework is given out at the beginning of each term and is collected at the end of the term. This is a grid of 9 activities that address various parts of the curriculum. This is not compulsory. Parents and students are encouraged to read the homework tasks together and decide which parts will be completed. Activities are designed so that students should be able to complete their homework with minimal parent assistance.


Lunch orders:

You can get a canteen menu from the office. Lunch orders are available every day. You will need to write your order on a paper bag and put your money inside.  Students will then put it in the lunch order tub in our classroom in the morning.


If you need to see me:

You can come in and have a chat before school from 8:50-9:00 or catch me after school. Alternatively you are welcome to call the office and make an appointment if you feel you need a longer meeting.

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