How to Write a Blog Comment

Popplet image by 2B

Popplet image by 2B

33 thoughts on “How to Write a Blog Comment

    • Hi Mia and Deya,

      Thank you for your idea. I will definitely do that. I like the poster your grade made explaining how to write a comment. Are you excited about our blogging area?

      From Mrs Fintelman

  1. Dear mrs fintelman
    It is easy to write a blog you write greeting to the reader you ask a Question than share somthing interesting and sign of thanks

    By avraj

    • Hi Avraj.
      You are doing an excellent job with writing lots of comments. Don’t forget to write a question in your comment! Have you shown your family the blog?
      From Mrs Fintelman

  2. Hi 2b

    I love your information reports that you made , what type of informatiin reports will you choose next time?
    By cooper

    • To cooper,

      I’m not sour.
      Cause last time I did it about katy perry.
      Maybe I might do it about animals and
      What are you doing your information
      report about?
      From Hasrat

  3. Dear Mrs Fintelman
    How are we going to solve our CBL
    Proublem for power?
    I hop we don’t do song again because
    I won’t to do some thing new!!!!!
    Can we have CBL every setion and every
    By Hasrat

    • Hi Hasrat,

      You are doing a great job of blogging! We will have a look together at how we could work on our challenge in a couple of weeks. It’s great if you’ve already started thinking about it! Do you have any ideas? There are lots of things we can do besides a song. We will have some groups working on different solutions this time. I hope we can make time to squeeze some more CBL in.

      From Mrs Fintelman

  4. Hi Mrs Fintelman
    Are we going to writ a poem this year?
    We have made a long poster of poem’s.
    Have you got eney other poem’s we can

    From Hasrat

  5. Hi 2B we like your performance ,art sport.

    Are you going to make a nother performance?

    From Tanush,Maryam,Deacon and deya

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