Welcome to Term 4!

cooltext1744178654Welcome back to our last term for the year! I hope you are all excited to be back and are looking forward to a great term! There will be lots of exciting things happening.


In week 2 we will be going on an excursion to Bundoora Park and visiting the heritage village of Cooper’s Settlement. We will learn lots about what it was like to live a long time ago.

In reading we will be working on heaps of new CAFE strategies, and as always, seeing how many new words we can learn to expand our vocabulary!

In writing we will be working on how to change someone’s mind using persuasive texts. This will be lots of fun! We will also learn about procedures – telling someone ‘how to’ do something.

In maths sharing and division are up first! Then we will keep on getting super fast at our mental maths and so much more!


Our CBL big idea is CHANGE! I won’t give away any more than that but you can start thinking about it to get ready…

Later on in the term is the Grade 2 SLEEPOVER! I’m sure you have all been hanging out for this for year’s one. It is always heaps of fun.


What are you looking forward to this term?
What are your goals for the rest of the year?

Fantastic Fractions


2B have been learning about fantastic fractions!

Day 1: We were cutting equal and not equal (unequal) shapes.

Day 2: We cut paper shapes of food in halves, quarters, eighths and sixteenths. They were equal. We used picnic mats and the paper shapes and we drew and folded them to become food.

We put them on the picnic mats so that it could look like a real picnic. We made pizza, pies, cakes, doughnuts and watermelon.

We had a joyful time designing the food.

Photo 324 Photo 325







2B’s Amazing Pictographs

In 2B, we have been learning to make a pictograph to display data (information) we collect. 

We were able to

  • choose a topic to collect data about
  • collect data in a tally
  • draw and label the axis
  • draw pictures to represent each item in the graph.

We used the app Keynote on the iPads to create our pictographs.

Here are Zara and Zeane' marking off names for the tally.

Here are Zara and Zeane’ marking off names for the tally.

Here are Mason and Tanush working on their pictograph.

Here are Mason and Tanush working on their pictograph.

Ollie and Jacinta's pictograph

Ollie and Jacinta’s pictograph

Daniela, Willow and Hasrat's pictograph

Daniela, Willow and Hasrat’s pictograph

Kate and Rian's pictograph

Kate and Rian’s pictograph

Sam and Cooper's pictograph

Sam and Cooper’s pictograph

Zeane' and Zara's pictograph

Zeane’ and Zara’s pictograph

What did you find easy/hard to do when you were creating your graph?

What would you do differently next time to make your graph even better?

Did you work well with a partner? Why or why not?