Christopher the Butterfly

cooltext1804822492Photo 60 1While we have been learning about our big idea of CHANGE we have been lucky enough to have some butterfly chrysalises in our learning neighbourhood. They are caterpillars that are still in their cocoon, waiting to hatch into a beautiful butterfly. While we watch their lifecycle we are seeing change in nature.

When Mrs Malloch took the last one home to look after on the weekend, the chrysalis hatched.

Cade thought that the butterfly was a boy because of the colours of its markings.

We took a vote and named our new butterfly ‘Christopher’ before choosing some people to set him free in the garden.

Zara, Maryam, Olivia F and Tanisha took him outside and set him free and took some photos and a video while they did it.

Photo 53 from Emily Fintelman on Vimeo.

You can visit this website to learn more about the butterfly lifecycle 

What surprised you most about the changes in our chrysalises and butterflies?

What other things in nature can go through changes? How do they change?

Olden Day Changes

We have been learning about how things change. 2B has been making interactive images (using Thinglink) about changes from the olden days. We went to Cooper’s Settlement and that’s where we found out all about the olden days… 100 years ago. We learnt lots about history and now we are learning to think more deeply about change. Click or tap on the red dot to read, or watch a video or see a picture.

Classroom – Kate, Jacinta, Addison

Gramophone – Nathan, Sebastian, Avraj

School – Hasrat, Harleen, Olivia

Classroom – Yilkan, Zara

Kitchen – Hannah, Daniela, Isabel

Printing Press – Josh, Rian

School – Willow, Mason, Cooper

Boys and girls – David and Tanush

Excursion Reminder

Just a reminder that our excursion to Bundoora Park is this Monday 13th of October!

You will need to bring your lunch and snack food in a clearly labelled (name and grade) plastic bag. You should also bring a water bottle in your bag. Make sure it is a plastic one so it is not heavy.

You will need to be at school at the normal time – 8:50 – so you do not miss the bus! If you are late you will miss out.

If you normally leave medication at school (e.g. epipen, asthma pump) your parents will need to give this to your teacher before school.

It will be a fantastic excursion!


Welcome to Term 4!

cooltext1744178654Welcome back to our last term for the year! I hope you are all excited to be back and are looking forward to a great term! There will be lots of exciting things happening.


In week 2 we will be going on an excursion to Bundoora Park and visiting the heritage village of Cooper’s Settlement. We will learn lots about what it was like to live a long time ago.

In reading we will be working on heaps of new CAFE strategies, and as always, seeing how many new words we can learn to expand our vocabulary!

In writing we will be working on how to change someone’s mind using persuasive texts. This will be lots of fun! We will also learn about procedures – telling someone ‘how to’ do something.

In maths sharing and division are up first! Then we will keep on getting super fast at our mental maths and so much more!


Our CBL big idea is CHANGE! I won’t give away any more than that but you can start thinking about it to get ready…

Later on in the term is the Grade 2 SLEEPOVER! I’m sure you have all been hanging out for this for year’s one. It is always heaps of fun.


What are you looking forward to this term?
What are your goals for the rest of the year?

How Can We Use People Power?

We have been hard at work answering our guiding questions for the CBL topic of “Power”, including the question

“How can you use power?” 

We looked at people power with our Pre-Service Teacher Miss Molinari and thought about how different people can have different types of power.

We each chose a person we think is powerful, and decided how we would use that power if we could be them.

We used to show our thinking.

These are our powerful people!



Delicious Healthy Pizzas


On Wednesday the 6th of August we made pizzas with our buddies. We made pizzas at school so we could get healthy and fit. We made them for CBL because we are looking for power and if we make our bodies stronger that is power.

 We spread tomato paste on our bread. We used soft pita bread to use for the base.

Our toppings were:

  • cheese
  • corn
  • pineapple
  • broccoli
  • red capsicum
  • green capsicum
  • mushroom

Everyone tried new things on their own pizza. Josh tried mushroom for the first time but he didn’t like it! It was very brave.

We put it in the oven to make our pizzas cook and taste yum. The bread started to become crispy and became burning hot. If anyone had cheese it melted into stringy cheese.

We then started to munch them. Some people liked their pizzas and some people didn’t.



CBL Solution


This term in grade 2 we have been learning about Systems in CBL and answering the question “How does the earth work?”. We have investigated the following questions:

-What is a system?

-How do systems work?

-How does the earth support life?

-How do the changes in a system affect us?

-What would happen if a system stopped working?

We worked on a solution to the challenge

“Improve the way a community uses natural resources”.

We decided to write a song to tell people about how they could use Earth’s natural resources better.

We brainstormed, wrote, recorded and sung the song ourselves. We hope you enjoy it!

Listen to it and let us know what you think by commenting below.

You can listen to it here:

Day and Night

Did you try the lamp experiment? What did you notice?

Did you investigate your question about the Solar System?

What else have you noticed about day and night?

Look at our clustr map. We have some blog readers in the USA. What time of day do you think it is for them? 

Add your findings to our padlet below by double tapping.