We had a sleepover at school last Thursday. All the grade 2s slept at school.

First we got dressed. After that we went outside to play and eat fruit. Then we did these activities: dodgeball, yoga, dancing, origami and sport activities.

Fourth, we ate dinner. We had fish and chips with a dim sim and potato cake. Fifth we had an icy pole and then played on the playground.

Sixth, we had a lolly hunt. When we were in our conga line for the lolly hunt, Mrs Fraser got some people to shake cream in a jar with a marble to make butter for our toast in the morning.

We got out our sleeping bags then brushed our teeth and put our PJs on. Then we watched two movies, had a break for milo and popcorn, and went to sleep.

The next morning we had toast and we used the butter we made, and we also had cereal. Then we watched Gnomeo and Juliet and then went outside to wait for the bell to ring.

The best thing about the sleepover was that we got to stay up later than we normally would.

Blog post written by Kate and Willow.

5 thoughts on “Sleepover!

  1. Hi 2B,

    Our favourite part of the sleepover was the activities!

    What was your favourite part about the sleepover?

    From Blake 2A, Mia 2D, Joseph 2C and Harleen 2B.

  2. To 2B,

    We had lots of fun at the sleepover especially the fish and chips.

    What did you like about the sleepover?

    From Nikita J , Maryam, Josh and Oskay

  3. Hi 2B.

    Thank you for planing the sleepover.

    How fun was it for the teaches?

    From Cooper, Aayan, Nikita and Charlotte

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