Hairy Harry


Aim:: To make a plant called hairy harry.


  • googley eyes.
  • 1 stocking leg.
  • 1 plastic cup.
  • 1 small handful of grass seeds.
  • 1 full cup of soil.
  • Glue stick.
  • Water


  1. Open the stocking and push it in the cup and stretch the stocking over the cup.
  2. Take a palm full of seeds and tip the seeds in to the cup.
  3. Tip the soil into the cup.
  4. Tie a knot on the top of the stocking.
  5. Squish the stocking.
  6. Turn the stocking so you can not see it.
  7. Get 2 googley eyes and stick them down on the cup or on the stocking.
  8. Spray the hairy harry.
  9. Put your hairy harry in the sun.

Written by Isabel and Willow

7 thoughts on “Hairy Harry

  1. Dear 2B

    You have done a great job of making that project.

    What have you maked, are you growing a flower plant, are you or other one?

    From Harleen’s dad

  2. Hi 2B,

    Hairy Harry’s are a great subject
    Was it fun creating the Hairy Harry’s ?

    From Josh 2B, Tanisha 2A and Tansimran 2D

  3. To 2B,
    Dear 2B
    What kind of materials did you use?

    Your Hairy Harry looks amazing.

    From Ashmeet, Noah, Freddie and Fatih

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