Christopher the Butterfly

cooltext1804822492Photo 60 1While we have been learning about our big idea of CHANGE we have been lucky enough to have some butterfly chrysalises in our learning neighbourhood. They are caterpillars that are still in their cocoon, waiting to hatch into a beautiful butterfly. While we watch their lifecycle we are seeing change in nature.

When Mrs Malloch took the last one home to look after on the weekend, the chrysalis hatched.

Cade thought that the butterfly was a boy because of the colours of its markings.

We took a vote and named our new butterfly ‘Christopher’ before choosing some people to set him free in the garden.

Zara, Maryam, Olivia F and Tanisha took him outside and set him free and took some photos and a video while they did it.

Photo 53 from Emily Fintelman on Vimeo.

You can visit this website to learn more about the butterfly lifecycle 

What surprised you most about the changes in our chrysalises and butterflies?

What other things in nature can go through changes? How do they change?

6 thoughts on “Christopher the Butterfly

  1. Dear 2B,

    When you released Christopher was it hard?

    We’re you sad when you released him?

    We had fun watching your video.

    From Willow, Christina and Cade

  2. Hi 2B,

    Christopher the butterfly was very cute.

    Will we have another pet butterfly?

    From Jiya in 2A , Max in 2C , Maryam in 2D and Tanush in 2B

  3. Dear 2b

    What A beautiful butterfly.

    Will we see the butterfly in the school again?

    From Olivia F2C,Irem2A,Furkan2D and Sam2B

  4. Dear 2B

    We really miss christopha.

    Did you see Christopha outside?

    From Montanna,Kate,Zunaira and Nirodha

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