Olden Day Changes

We have been learning about how things change. 2B has been making interactive images (using Thinglink) about changes from the olden days. We went to Cooper’s Settlement and that’s where we found out all about the olden days… 100 years ago. We learnt lots about history and now we are learning to think more deeply about change. Click or tap on the red dot to read, or watch a video or see a picture.

Classroom – Kate, Jacinta, Addison

Gramophone – Nathan, Sebastian, Avraj

School – Hasrat, Harleen, Olivia

Classroom – Yilkan, Zara

Kitchen – Hannah, Daniela, Isabel

Printing Press – Josh, Rian

School – Willow, Mason, Cooper

Boys and girls – David and Tanush

14 thoughts on “Olden Day Changes

    • To Izzy, Chanelle, Liam and Zunaira

      We had fun at the excursion too.

      Did you like the excursion?

      From Jacinta, Freddie and Ryder.

  1. Dear 2B

    You done a good thing at the excursion.

    Did you have a good time?

    Olivia 2C,Montanna 2D,Fatih 2A,Sam 2B

  2. Dear 2B,

    In the exscertion we saw how to make a horse shoe in the olden days.

    We saw the olden day school and played the olden day games.

    Who invented time travel?

    Who was doing the same printing lessens?
    From Hayley,Ariana,Willow and kayra

    Who was doing the same printing lessens?

    • Dear Willow, Hayley, ariana and Kayra,

      We also learnt how people washed in those days.

      What else did you learn?

      From Jacinta, Freddie and Ryder

  3. Dear 2B,

    We were interested to see all the information that you have found out in the olden what does the word flip flap means


  4. Hi 2B,
    Did you have fun on your excurcion and we would like to ask some questions.

    How did teachers talk to students?
    Did they get to play outside?
    Would you rather live in the 1800s or now why?

    What do you mean by flip flaps on desks?
    Thanks regards Hayley Bethany Jennings and Natasha.

  5. Dear 2B

    We are from 3/4B and we have had a look at your fantastic blog. We have had a stupendous pictures of the olden days.

    Here are some questions for you.

    How is music these days different from the olden days?
    Why was the teacher so mean to all of the students?
    Why did the students have to wear dunces hats if they were not smart?

    From Kyle, Chane,Asira,Muhammad

  6. Hiiiii 2b can tell you tell us what do you mean by the desks have flip flops?
    We learnt that the classroom was small

  7. Dear mrs fintleman,
    We love your tiny section about the olden days changes
    And we also like your class acting out what happened during the olden days
    We were so interested in your blog
    Why were the teacher so mean to students in the school?

    From Adi,Deniz and Renae

  8. Gratings 2b,
    Do you know if you be bad you would get the Dunce hat?

    If you be bad this will happen.

    From Yilkan, Cooper and Rajvir.

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