Excursion Reminder

Just a reminder that our excursion to Bundoora Park is this Monday 13th of October!

You will need to bring your lunch and snack food in a clearly labelled (name and grade) plastic bag. You should also bring a water bottle in your bag. Make sure it is a plastic one so it is not heavy.

You will need to be at school at the normal time – 8:50 – so you do not miss the bus! If you are late you will miss out.

If you normally leave medication at school (e.g. epipen, asthma pump) your parents will need to give this to your teacher before school.

It will be a fantastic excursion!


4 thoughts on “Excursion Reminder

  1. Hi 2B,
    How was the excursion? What was your favourite part of the day? Did you get to sing songs on the bus??
    Take care,

    • Dear Amanda/mum,

      We had lots of fun.

      What did you do at home well we were on the bus making our way to the exscertion???
      Our favourite thing was the olden day school.

      From Grade 2B,2C,2A
      From Willow, Ashmeet and Mia

      • Hello Willow, Ashmeet and Mia,
        I was at work while all of you were at the excursion. I was on a break when I wrote on your blog (like I am now!)
        I’m glad to hear that you all had fun on the trip.
        Are you looking forward to Thursday when you get to dress up?? I’m excited to see who everyone comes as. It’s a fun day and I hope you all enjoy it!
        Thank you for your reply to my comment :o)

  2. Dear 2B,
    We hope you had the best adventure ever.
    What did you like best on the excursion?
    By,Inci, Kate and Carlos.

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