Competition Winner Willow!

A big congratulations goes to Willow who came third place in the Victorian Spanish Writing Competition.

Willow chose to write about a Spanish Fiesta and came third out of 400 students in the prep to grade 2 category, which is an amazing achievement!

¡Felicidades Willow!

Willow with Senorita Garcia

Willow with her Spanish teacher Señorita Garcia


8 thoughts on “Competition Winner Willow!

  1. Hi Willow,

    CONGRATULATIONS on your MASSIVE achievement!! We are sooooooooooooo proud of you!!! Well done!! BIG BIG smiles here from us! We are so proud of you!!

    From H & Mummer XxxX

  2. Hi 2B,
    Well done Willow! What a fantastic achievement in your first year of leaning Spanish.
    A big congratulations to Senorita Garcia, as this award is a credit to your teaching and enthusiasm.
    The school has embraced learning Spanish and introduced some language into classrooms everyday as well as other subjects, like art and performing arts. It is wonderful to see and be a part of!
    Keep on having fun and keep up the great work everyone.
    From Amanda

  3. ¡Felicidades Willow! I am very happy to know that you got awarded by your great effort. You look so proud of yourself in your picture!!
    Congratulations to you and to all the students who took part of the competition.
    And thanks to Amanda for your encouraging words.
    ¡Hasta pronto niños!

  4. Dear Willow,

    Congratulations willow on winning the spanish compitishion.

    Was your award good?

    How did you feel when you got the award?

    From Daniela2B, Irem2A, Tilly2D, Joseph2C

  5. Dear Willow

    Congratulations Willow on winning the writing competition.

    How did you win?:)

    From Irem2A, Sebastian2B, Joseph2C and Zara 2B

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