8 thoughts on “No Bullies Allowed!

  1. Hi Willow, Zara, Hasrat and Jacinta,
    Wow what a really powerful idea that is to not allow any bullies in the world. People like you are helping to make school a fun and safe place by being kind, friendly, helpful and inclusive. I hope that all of your class feels the same.
    Keep up the fantastic work girls!

    • Hi Amanda

      I’m glad you replied to your daughter thakyou for writing on our blog.

      What will you write next time?

      From Cooper,Mikayla,Nikita,Shreyans

      • Hello Cooper, Mikayla, Nikita and Shreyans,
        I really enjoy looking at your blog as it lets us have a glimpse into your classroom and school activities. So I would like to say thank you for having a blog and posting updates to it. It’s exciting to look for updates and reading new comments.
        What are you most looking forward to this term? Dress up day or sleep over? Or something else??
        Have a good day.

  2. Hi 2b

    We really really like your video it really is cool.

    What is your new video for your CBL challenge for this term?

    By Shreyans,Mikayla,Nikita and Cooper.

  3. Dear Zara, Willow, Jacinta, Hasrat

    We promise we won’t bully anyone.

    Will You bully anyone?

    By Fatih, Avraj, Christina

  4. Hi 2B,

    We enjoyed your no more bullies video!

    Can you make more no more bullies videos?

    From Jiya 2A , Mia 2D and Mason 2B . 🙂

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