Miss Molinari

cooltext1707321930There was a new teacher that was in university. Her name was Miss Molinari. She was learning how to be a good teacher. She could only stay for 3 weeks because she had to go back to university. She taught us some lessons. 

She mostly taught us reading and maths. On the 3rd week it was Friday and we felt sad so we gave her a gift so she could remember all of us in 2B.

She was nice and kind. We had fun with her.  We  almost cried on Friday when she left. She was happy to teach 2B.

She taught us amazing things.  We didn’t want her to leave.

She had fun in 2B. She was an amazing university teacher!


By Daniela, Avraj and Yilkan.


Here’s us with Miss Molinari. She’s hiding up the back.

7 thoughts on “Miss Molinari

  1. HEY 2B!

    AWW, I miss all of you, I was so sad when I woke up Monday morning and I wasn’t going to see you all. I will come visit you all soon! 🙂

    Miss Molinari

  2. Dear Miss Molinari

    Thank you Miss Molinari for being a lovely teacher.

    Why did you go away?

    I miss you.

    From Sebastian.

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