How to Take a Great Photo


Last week Avraj, David, Zara and Kate were part of a Google Hangout with photography expert, Daniel Hedrick, from the USA.

They learnt some great photography tips, especially for taking photos using iPads. They became our photography experts and taught the rest of the grade how to take great photos.

Here are some of the photos we took using the new skills we learnt:

Here is our iPad tips poster, with some of the things we learnt from our experts:

Photo 544

4 thoughts on “How to Take a Great Photo

  1. Hi 2B

    Now that you’ve learned how to take great photos,you would be experts.

    Did you have fun?

    From Izzy,Joseph,Chanelle and Jiya 🙂

  2. Hi 2B,

    I liked your photos that you took.

    Are you going to take eney more photos on your blog?

    By Hasrat,Ashmeet, Deya and Angad

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