How Can We Use People Power?

We have been hard at work answering our guiding questions for the CBL topic of “Power”, including the question

“How can you use power?” 

We looked at people power with our Pre-Service Teacher Miss Molinari and thought about how different people can have different types of power.

We each chose a person we think is powerful, and decided how we would use that power if we could be them.

We used to show our thinking.

These are our powerful people!



4 thoughts on “How Can We Use People Power?

  1. Dear 2B

    We like how much effort you are putting in your People Power.

    2B are you going to make some more pictures?

    From Hayley,Avraj,Freddie and Deya

  2. 2b
    We have been looking at your CBL work we really like it so much.
    How did you come up with all that CBL work?

    From2c,Olivia,2D Kayra ,2b Jacinta, 2aAdriana,2aFatih

  3. Dear 2B,

    Your people power comment is very interesting.

    What would happen if there was no pepole power?

    From Kate, Daniela, Moira,Maryam and Aayan:)

  4. Dear 2B

    We like your CBL solution

    What are you gonna do next?. Keep up the good work

    From Kristian,Tansimran and David

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