The Alice in Wonderland Concert


Most kids in Aitken Creek Primary School did the Alice in Wonderland concert on Thursday at 4:30. All the kids did different songs and dances.


We went into the gym and we did a warm up. We were doing stretches and doing dance moves. We were jogging on the spot. Mrs Greco put on the song Candy and everyone danced and exercised and sang along.

We went to the Grade 2 Learning Neighbourhood and we watched the concert on the TV by Skyping. We felt pumped, nervous and excited at the same time because we were about to do our performance with lots of parents and children watching us.

We walked in our three lines to the gym and we excitedly performed All in the Golden Afternoon. Some people were a bit shy and nerve-wracked and even though we made mistakes no one noticed. Our performance was jaw-dropping and our parents were so proud. It went very well.


Some people were proud of themselves because they didn’t get nervous. Some people were a bit nervous because there was a lot of parents and students but it all went well.

by Hasrat, Nathan, Rian, Zara and Hannah


9 thoughts on “The Alice in Wonderland Concert

  1. Dear 2b
    I liked your performance. Keep it up!
    I would like to see more performances like this in near future.
    From: Harleen’s mum

  2. We’ll done on such a great show. I enjoyed every bit of it, such a magical colour and songs, daniela looked fabulous in her flawless flower.

    Keep doing a great job. Excellent

    Rema Odisho

  3. Well done on such a fabulous show, what an excellent effort you have put to make it magical songs & colours.

    Good job teachers

    P.s daniela looked fabulous with the theme flower & the spring colours

    Rema Odisho

  4. The concert was amazing. We were all impressed by the performances, the costumes and the setup of the stage. Well done 🙂

  5. Hi 2b,

    What have you been learning In writing?
    I loved your Alice in Wonder Land Concert.
    What’s your next one going to be?

    From Kathrian

  6. Dear2b, Iam Addisons grandma and I watched the concert.I enjoyed the performance s of everyone.The children were very talented.
    How long did it take to learn all their songs and dialog.?

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