Space Cow: Our Orientation Ideas

We learnt how to write orientations. We all used the idea “Space Cow”… see how different and incredible our writing is! You are welcome to use them in your own writing.

At the barn full of animals in a barn full of noise… – Sam

Drop! Splash! Drop! Splash! went the milk.  – David 

There was an electronic spaceship, it looked more like a kennel. – Hannah

One windy and cold day… – Jacinta

One lovely day on a brightly coloured farm… – Nathan 

The birds were singing with expression. – Josh

In a lost farm in the deep dark woods… – Daniela

They snuggled in their nice and cosy bed. – Willow 

A few years later, she grew and bigger and bigger… – Mason 

They worked all day and were so puffed and sweaty! – Rian

A cow was born on a windy day. – Addison

He laid down and he imagined he was in space. – Harleen  

In 2014… – Tanush

One stormy night when the clouds were hidden behind the dark, spooky sky… – Zara

She went back to her home and said nothing to her mum. – Sebastian

Just a second ago… – Avraj

Yellow stars shining like the sun – Cooper 

“Cat got your tongue?” – Zeané

On a very hot boiling day… – Isabel

As she grew bigger and bigger, her dream became deeper and deeper. – Hasrat 

It was raining then the sun burst the clouds away. -Olivia


7 thoughts on “Space Cow: Our Orientation Ideas

  1. Dear 2B

    We like your orientation for space cow.

    Have 2b did any orientation?

    From David,Tansimran and deya

  2. Hi 2B

    We like your Adjectives and your space cow story’s.

    Are you going to create another space cow narrative?

    From Avraj2B ,Marym2D and from Adriana2A

  3. Dear 2B,

    We like your space cow ideas.

    What’s your favourite part of writing?

    From Ariana, Daniela, Laila and Moosa from 2a 2b 2c and 2d

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