Delicious Healthy Pizzas


On Wednesday the 6th of August we made pizzas with our buddies. We made pizzas at school so we could get healthy and fit. We made them for CBL because we are looking for power and if we make our bodies stronger that is power.

 We spread tomato paste on our bread. We used soft pita bread to use for the base.

Our toppings were:

  • cheese
  • corn
  • pineapple
  • broccoli
  • red capsicum
  • green capsicum
  • mushroom

Everyone tried new things on their own pizza. Josh tried mushroom for the first time but he didn’t like it! It was very brave.

We put it in the oven to make our pizzas cook and taste yum. The bread started to become crispy and became burning hot. If anyone had cheese it melted into stringy cheese.

We then started to munch them. Some people liked their pizzas and some people didn’t.



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