Fantastic Fractions


2B have been learning about fantastic fractions!

Day 1: We were cutting equal and not equal (unequal) shapes.

Day 2: We cut paper shapes of food in halves, quarters, eighths and sixteenths. They were equal. We used picnic mats and the paper shapes and we drew and folded them to become food.

We put them on the picnic mats so that it could look like a real picnic. We made pizza, pies, cakes, doughnuts and watermelon.

We had a joyful time designing the food.

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12 thoughts on “Fantastic Fractions

  1. Dear mrs fintelman,
    Wow I can’t belive you really put our
    Picnics on the blog! Will you put on other things we have learnt?
    From Daniela

  2. To 2B,

    Hi 2B!We really love the fractions you have made!

    What was your favourite part of doing fractions?

    From Maewill,Carlos,zeanè

  3. Dear Daniala,

    We are looking forward to see more about your blog.

    What else are you going to post?

    from Blake Mason and Alvira

  4. Dear 2B

    We love your fractions!!!

    Was it hard to think of a fraction?

    From Nia,Adrian,Olivia and Harleen

  5. To 2b

    What fractions are you doing next.

    What fractions are you going to do next?

    Samuel,Angad,Harleen,Olivia (:

  6. The fractions looks like alot of fun. Maybe the kids can make their lunch into fractions for a fun idea!! Or how about a fraction picnic!!

  7. Dear 2B,

    We liked your fantastic fractions 🙂

    What other fractions have you done???

    From Montanna,Irem and Noah

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