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This term in grade 2 we have been learning about Systems in CBL and answering the question “How does the earth work?”. We have investigated the following questions:

-What is a system?

-How do systems work?

-How does the earth support life?

-How do the changes in a system affect us?

-What would happen if a system stopped working?

We worked on a solution to the challenge

“Improve the way a community uses natural resources”.

We decided to write a song to tell people about how they could use Earth’s natural resources better.

We brainstormed, wrote, recorded and sung the song ourselves. We hope you enjoy it!

Listen to it and let us know what you think by commenting below.

You can listen to it here:

32 thoughts on “CBL Solution

  1. What a good song it is, I hope they take advantage of the words they sang & use it to take care of our planet

  2. Hello I’m jacinta my dad and mum loves my 2bs singing they wanted to say
    Something wow!! That is amassing we hope you have a amassing day!!!!!!!!
    By jacinta and my parents .

  3. Dear 2B,

    We liked how much effort you put in the song.

    Are you doing another song?

    From Harleen,deacon,tansimran,Avraj,mikayla.

  4. Dear 2B,

    I really like your singing. Good team work. Well Done!!!

    What are the other plans for the idea?

    From Aayan’s mother

  5. Hi 2B

    I liked your song and it is true

    Can you guys tell me more about your CBL solution please 2B?

    By Yashasvee’s mum Usha

  6. I wonder if any students watched Operation Ouch to discover that wee is being experimented on to power things…. In this episode wee powered a small remote control car!! How cool is that?!!

  7. Dear 2B

    We love your cbl sloution.

    What are you doing next in cbl.

    From Samuel,Tien,Cooper,Tilly:)

    • dear Fatih

      I think they started thinking of rhyming words that can match the song, and then they thought of the song and matched it up and I think that’s how they did it.

      How do you think they did it????

      From Nia Park

  8. dear 2B

    that was the best song I’ve ever heard from you guys.

    how long did it take you to think of this rhyming fantastic song????

    From Nia Park

  9. dear 2B

    my favourite part in the song is…when you take a shower, don’t take an hour, just take a minute, if you want to win it

    that is my favourite part what is yours????

    From Nia Park

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