oo like a monkey: Spelling investigation

Each week in 2B we conduct a spelling investigation to understand the sounds made by different combinations of letters.

This week we are looking at the sound “oo” –  like the sound a monkey would make.

We will read the book “Would you rather…” by John Burningham to find some sounds.

WALT: find the letters that make the sound “oo”. 


  • Find words with the “oo” sound
  • Sort words into different spellings
  • Use this knowledge to read and write


20 thoughts on “oo like a monkey: Spelling investigation

  1. We listened to words of a story and when we heard the oo sound we put our hands up so we could tell our teacher we found a word so we could put it on the blog. Then we thought of our own words. From Daniela.

    • Hi in 2B we listend to a story and listend to the oo sound and put our hands up so we could tell our words to add it to the blog. Then we thought of our own ones. Do you know words that have the oo sound? From Daniela.

  2. Hello 2B,
    I like your “oo” words. What sound are you looking for this week? Are you just looking for words that you read in books or are you listening for words as well? For example in songs on the radio when you are in the car, or when you are talking to your friends at lunch and snack times?
    Keep up the great work 2B. I love visiting your blog.
    Bye for now,

  3. Hi 2B!

    I am Jiya from the grade which is going to win!

    We will win for sure!

    What will you pay us with if you loose?

    From Jiya!

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