20 thoughts on “3D Shapes Performance

  1. Fantastic effort 2B and 2C. I’m sorry I missed assembly today but I’m very grateful to Mrs Fintelman for recording your wonderful performance and posting it on your blog. I hope that you all had lots of fun performing and I look forward to the next one!
    Have a great day.

    • Dear, mummer

      I think we did a good gob!
      Thank you Chris!
      What are you doing now?

      From Willow, Zara and Izzy

    • Hi Nathan,
      I agree – I thought the performance was incredible. We will hopefully get the chance to perform again this year. Are you looking forward to performing in the musical next term?
      From Mrs Fintelman

  2. Hi 2B,

    We loved your 3D shape singing.

    How did you make the 3D shapes?

    From Jiya,Sebastian ,Kayra,Tien.

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