The Solar System

In 2B we have been busy learning about The Solar System because about CBL big idea is Systems.

So far we have learnt about how the Earth, Moon and Sun work together in the Solar System. We have learnt:

  • How the earth spins around the sun to make the seasons and one whole year
  • How the moon orbits around the earth
  • How the earth spins in a circle to make day and night

We have also learnt about how the solar system affects us with its changes by creating seasons. We get cold weather and hot weather and cool weather. Some places get snow. In Spring some people get hayfever, in Summer days get longer and daylight savings begins. In Winter we wear thick clothes to keep us warm and in Summer we wear thin clothes to keep us cool.

We did an experiment to learn about the Solar System and how it works. We shone a torch on the earth to make sunlight and showed the movement of the earth and moon around the sun. We make our own mini solar systems with paper plates.


Day and Night

Did you try the lamp experiment? What did you notice?

Did you investigate your question about the Solar System?

What else have you noticed about day and night?

Look at our clustr map. We have some blog readers in the USA. What time of day do you think it is for them? 

Add your findings to our padlet below by double tapping.